Ren Whitticar

BFA in Illustration with a concentration in Comics

Ren’s Guide to Freelancing

Hello, my name is Ren Whitticar, and I am an illustration major with a concentration in comics.

All my life I’ve learned many lessons that helped shape me into the person I am today. With every hardship, there is always something to learn, and with those lessons, I gained wisdom and helped others learn from me. When I started freelancing in 2015, I made mistakes because I had no idea what I was doing. From those experiences, I slowly shaped myself into the freelance artist I am today.

After having many colleagues reach out for advice, I decided to create a book full of these lessons and words of wisdom. That is how Ren’s Guide to Freelancing was born! For now, the book is a sneak peek zine in anticipation of the fully realized volume. The graphic novel format, featuring Matcha the Fox, my work mascot, engages visual learners and allows for the inclusion of comedic elements. Outside of Ren’s Guide to Freelancing, I created a book featuring my recent freelance work. Enjoy!

Ren’s Guide to Freelancing Poster
Digital illustration
17 x 22″

Ren’s Guide to Freelancing Zine
Digital illustration
8 1/2 x 11″, 9 pages

The Art of Ren Whitticar
Digital illustration
10 x 8″, 24 pages

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