Lucero Soto

BFA in Graphic Design

Estrellitas, Juntos, We Are One.

Estrellitas, Juntos, We Are One is a non-profit organization tailored to children facing confusing life events. Our approach to toy design is to start a light-hearted conversation about mental health, awareness, and empowerment of one’s identity, and last but not least, be able to use play as a healing act. Our toys can be a tool for communication, empowerment, and inclusion. We are all connected through the craziness of life

As a Latinx designer, I explore the idea of building a toy that introduces a healthy conversation about emotional health, empowerment, and a way of coping through trauma. My inspiration comes from topics such as immigration, detention centers, and self-identity. Immigration has long-lasting effects on my personal life. As a Latinx student, I was conditioned to never speak about the trauma I was going through. Shutting off the part of my identity made me feel less of a person, and I always yearned for belonging. Through this process and project, I strive to shed light on an essential time of political injustices to the immigrant and refugee communities. I hope that this toy helps future generations feel empowered, proud of their identity, and less alone. Although politics and mental health are generally considered taboo topics, my project attempts to explore these themes in a general but still a personal way.


Estrellitas Plushie Mock Up
Fabric, thread, zipper. Blanket inside plushie.
12 x 12″

Estrellitas Packaging Mock-Up

Digital Display of Estrellitas Plushies
Three-dimensional modeling by Brandon Ross

Estrellitas Plushies Website Mock-Up

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