Amanda Reynolds

BFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Sculpture

Woman: Adult Human Female

Amanda Reynolds is a multimedia sculptor based in Memphis, Tennessee; she works with various processes and materials, including metals, ceramics, fabrication, and more. Her current work utilizes the process of enameling to explore female-centric conflicts of the self and how women are socialized to think of their bodies.

Enameling is the tricky process of fusing glass to metal using high heat. After sifting a base layer of powdered enamel onto a piece of copper and firing in a kiln at 1450 degrees Fahrenheit, Amanda uses paint enamel and a graphite pencil to illustrate her design.

Heart and Soul
Enamel on copper
3 x 3″, 1 3/4 x 3″

Enamel on copper
1 3/4 x 3″, 3 x 3″

Enamel on copper
Approximately 2″ in diameter each

Woman: Adult Human Female Selected Detail Images

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