Jeshaun Powell

BFA in Animation

I’m Tryin’

I am an animator and illustrator who values dynamic composition, high action, and musicality. I enjoy great music scores because they give scenes life in movies and television. Under the moniker Ace Gahd, I am an avid songwriter that draws from real life and socially-conscious topics.

Using my skills as an animator, I recorded, mixed, engineered, and directed a music video that implements Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Audition, Premiere, and After Effects.

Communication is an elusive skill that can cause distance between people. I’m Tryin’ is a socially introspective song about my lack of communication. I crafted this song to show that if I have not communicated with a person, “I’m Tryin'” even if it is not always in the most vocal way.

I’m Tryin’
Digital media

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