Justin Mull

BFA in Graphic Design

PNTC Brand

Phantom in the Crowd is a small, two-man team creating music in their spare time. Recently, they decided to take their first steps into pursuing a professional music career, and, to that end, figured that they would want to brand themselves accordingly. The two primarily create acoustic music and are largely independent, which were factors I had to consider when designing their logo. Originally, they had intended to have posters, but the idea was later scrapped in favor of a solid logo to market themselves, their music, and their merchandise.

As Phantom in the Crowd was considered too lengthy to place on merchandise in a way that would stand out, we decided to stylize the duo’s name into the abbreviated PNTC, and subsequently, the ideas for the logo came about. It evolved from circular to rectangular, and eventually, a square, which we agreed would be the final iteration due to its visual appeal and striking nature. The logo was then rotated in a manner to create even further visual appeal as the letters would not immediately stand out; an idea that was implemented to be a conversation starter and a point of interest that would draw in anyone who would see them wearing it. Ultimately, the final verdict was that the logo was “dope” and “hard,” and, through brief testing of a few audiences, it achieved what it was set out to do.

Throughout the experience, I learned the ups and downs associated with client work. I struggled to design posters for musical concepts the client had yet to create, and the work challenged me to create things in time periods I had not even thought myself able to previously. When I succeeded in creating something that the client was content with, I considered it a personal triumph and a successful piece.

PNTC Ambigram
Ibis Paint X, Adobe Illustrator

PNTC Sleeveless Tee

PNTC Throw Pillow

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