David McCarthy

BFA in Animation

Lily and the Hound

Lily and the Hound is a one minute three-dimensional animation that I created to showcase the range of character animation that I have learned during my time at Memphis College of Art. These five scenes are intended to tell the story of a girl named Lily scavenging in an abandoned supermarket, only to be found and hunted by a gigantic hound. The scenes present the ways that Lily avoids the hound, either by hiding or outsmarting it.

During the film, I use multiple walk cycles, jumps, and movements with both a bipedal and quadrupedal character at different speeds. I have the characters interacting with the environment in very direct ways, in some cases even moving pieces of the environment. I also use several procedural animation techniques for moving props, including the main character’s cloak, which she wears throughout the film to make the movement of these items more realistic.


Lily and the Hound
Three-dimensional animation

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