Bri LaShelle

BFA in Graphic Design

LaSentials (Hair Care)

I created the branding for my natural hair line, LaSentials, for my BFA project. The package includes a poster, packaging material, and six containers that are used for various functions such as: shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, curl creme, deep hair masque, and oil.

My desire to create my own hair care line stems from a personal place. I did not love my natural hair until a professor, the late Kevin Mitchell, said he loved it. After that, I dedicated my BFA to him and his love for my hair despite my reservations.

The line currently focuses on the main products needed for healthy, natural hair. The name combines my middle name, LaShelle, and the word “essential,” to instill in potential buyers the necessity of the product. Essential also refers to a desire to create natural based products free of damaging chemicals; the three main ingredients are kiwi seed oil, vanilla bean extract, and shea butter. The color scheme is symmetric to the logo colors. I was influenced by other popular hair products lines in my choice of colors, logos, and packaging.

LaSentials shows my passion and love for creating meaningful products and design.


LaSentials Branding

LaSentials Branding Details

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