Aaron Kia Napunako Boyd

BFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Metals

Aloha ʻĀina

This body of work focuses on utilitarian craft with a high emphasis on pattern, color, texture, and form. I do not see these objects as harmful weapons but as tools used to harvest the gifts of nature. The patterns in the steel are reminiscent of both land and sea as well as the bounty it provides. Remembering these gifts during use, the user can reflect upon one’s place in nature and one’s duty to protect it. I believe that a tool forged for the purpose of harvesting food or aiding in its preparation has a profound importance in the cycle of energy.

Brown Whale
Wrought iron (wagon wheel), tool steel, oak
Overall length 14”, width 2”

Bird in the Pines
Resin, steel, pine cone, eucalyptus 
Overall length 8”, width 2”

Steel shot, powder steel, tagua nuts, resin
Overall length 6″, width 1 3/4″

Mississippi Cutter
Wrought Iron (salvaged from the Mississippi River), tool steel, maple, mahogany, brass
Overall length 12″, width 2″

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